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Friday, May 30, 2008

Highest of Highs, Lowest of lows!!!

Well lets go over one of our most eventful day yet. Day 25!!
  • Woke up in a barn
  • Freezing morning- 3 to 4 layers still shivering
  • 58 miles of nothing
  • Perfect tail wind morning- big ring session on flats
  • Sun finally came out- temperature rose like 50 degrees in a hour
  • COLORADO!!!!!!!
  • hit desert
  • ate at a ranch house with no ranch
  • after lunh still tail winds--> Straight into a storm!!!! black as night
  • road randomly turned away from storm?? the head winds started!!!! grrrr
  • watched a TORNADO drop out of the shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • storm going opposite direstion though, dont worry ladies
  • RAGING head winds for the next 4 hours--> couldnt even stand still without blowing over
  • did see Prarie Dogs!
  • finallly got to sugar city after a 118mile day!!

well the next day didnt treat us any better in regards with the winds. from the time we woke up til the time we got off our bikes in Pueblo 55 miles after. Pueblo was in fact a HUGE town where we replenished our cash supply, hit a walmart, and an attempted verizon store visit to fix a phone(didnt work, grr). we ended up sleeping in a city park next to the zoo and woke up ready to embrass the mountains. Today is what we have drempt of for months. riding in the desert, looking at the ROCKIES straight in front of us. i mean PEEEEEEERFECT. we just wanted to stop riding and set up camp looking at what were about to traverse!?!?! in the next two days we will hit our highest elevation of hoosier pass over 11,000 feet! aint no thing. from this town were in, Canon City, we will climb the next 8 miles up to a gorge crossing thing? not to sure what that is going to have in store for us but everyone in town is worried we arnt going to aclimated to the altitude. they keep making sure were going to stop if we get dizzy since supposedly us virginians wont be able to hang. we'll show them. Also the place were shooting for tongiht might be the first night we voluntarily pay for sleep. all we hve to say is that they dont have the showers turned because they are scared the pipes will freeze!!! good googily what are we doing?!? well were going to try and post some pics now for ya, we have herd most of you guys dont even read this and just check the pics anyways, but im preaching to the choir now arnt we?

-about to be cold and colder


Kate said...

yo, i most certainly read. my google reader notifies me when you post, ha! but i ain't going to lie... no new pics makes my heart sad. god speeeed!

Sherry said...

wrong!!! luv the "PICS" but keep the words coming. can't wait for the next update. so proud to know both of u. t i know u must be cold, u freeze at home. thinking of u always. keep warm. all my luv,ant sherry

T's Dad said...

The pics are cool, but they don't tell the story the way your words do. At least half the people I work with look forward to your updates. Keep 'em coming! And keep peddling!

Michael Dubovsky said...


Second-hand toilet paper said...


I get to pumped every tiem I get to a computer because there are 2-3 ne posts hahaha

flying to Bangkok tonight freaking rock some mountains!!


Anonymous said...

justin. 34 more days 'til vegas, fool! get home soon. life's a garden, dig it!

t - keep him in line!

edison and i are rockin' the jet skiis!!!! i can clear 10 feet wake-jumping. jelous? wahoo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So glad you didn't stay long in Pueblo! As you know it's just south of CO Springs and I'm told not to go there... something about gangs of Mexicans... Anyway, glad you're out of here, it's like a wind tunnel here now!
I'm also guessing you ran into the hail storm we did in Kansas with the golf ball-sized hail and the ridiculous winds and lightening strikes which turned into a tornado... I'm surprised we didn't have damage to our cars, so I hope you guys weren't outside for that! Good luck!