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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Kentucky

Day 9 Berea --> Springfeild
Day 10 Springfeild --> Eastview
Day 11 Eastview--> Sebree ...(first 100 mile day!!)

We currenlty have a love hate relationship with the state of kentucky. It seems that the weather is either great or awful....and right now its awful. The rain is ROCKING our were seeking refuge in the library. But were only about 60 miles from Illinois, so were trying achieve a new land very soon.

Highlights since last time-

-Slept inside of an empty church (and woke up to the rain, so it was nice to be inside)
-Passed our first time zone barrier!
-Had our first 100 mile day yesterday
-Had a homecooked meal (stirfry cabbage!!! ham, corn, potatoes, cornbread, apple dumplings icecream) , did laundry, took a shower, and slept on mattresses at First Baptist Sebree. Thanks to Pastor Bob and his wife Violet for an unbelievable amount of hospitality.


-tried to use the post office, but passed about 5 in one day that were all closed
-our pace was too much for the netherland guys to keep up with, so we parted ways.
-our matches and some other stuff got blasted by the rain.

New pics should be up at the bottom....we've recieved feedback the big pics at the bottom are better than small on the right. Ok cool.


littlepink trees. flapping in the wind oh you spring time. my time our time. said...

o i love this sooo much

Second-hand toilet paper said...

freaking heck yeah, man it sounds so epic

the Philippines are awesome, we had a landslide today and had to hike over it then ride on the roof of a jeepney to get to our destination it was sickkk

keep rockin it

T's Dad said...

Congrats on the 100 mile day! Sorry your Netherland buddies couldn't keep up - they sounded like pretty cool guys. Maybe you'll hook up with other riders again soon.

Keep peddling!

Anonymous said...

j-dawg...this is your sister. keep it up! man, your butts must be so sore by now. at this rate, you can just meet me in vegas.

mom reads this, but still can't figure out how to leave a comment. haha.

Kent said...

hell yea bros! sounds soooo sick!! just so you know the waves have been soliddd this week in vb--but not nearly as epic as mountain climbs and downhills...ive been watching the giro de italia to send some long distance pump to you guys!


michelle said...

duuuuuuude you guys are doing soooo awesome!!! its so great to rad this blog and hear that such positive vibes are soaring through the whole country!! i cant wait til you get to oregon guys, i swear its the home you never knew existed. ill be waiting for you! i wonder what street youll be riding down in eugene... i probably wont be there unless extreme coincidence puts me there on one of my 5 days in eugene from june 1 - aug 19. hey itll be beautiful regardless. jc i called u today. call me back on that number i left u, my phones off for the summer. im so proud of both of you!!! experience the whole united states wooooooo!!!!!!!