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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Begining!

DAY 1 and 2

So our day of living the dream has become a reality. We ended up leaving around 2:30 yesterday with a very appreciated departure crew composed of the BAG, T-Home, and Girls house along with the wonderful Jasper family. The weather could not have been better. perrrrrrfect 70 degrees, no wind and the sun was shining.

highlights of life:

Soul food in Staunton- ribs and frys $4
Celebrity status achieved- first autographs signed to a little boy on the side of the road
First House opening: old man in Vesuvius
First Wrong turn- 30 mile detour...OOPS
Pound session 1 of thousands- weird Asian noodle stuff
Slumber- church Field

Day 2 highlights of life

Got back on the actual route!!
RIVER ROMP- see pics!!!
Crazy bridge- straight suspension bridge(wobbled and everything)
First library: session hence this blog setup

Everything is going swell overall. a little technical problems with T's bag but we are getting that situated. Ain't no thing. Some decent hill climbs but nothing that bad quite yet. We are literally surrounded by the mountains though. left, right, front, back!! its just a matter of time. speaking of time it is 6 39 and the Library closes at 7 and we need to refill on some water so we are over and out.

life is so real!!!!!

-Voltage and Foghorn

p.s. we are remembering our sunscreen Mom's so theres nothing to worry about

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Michelle said...

you gave your autographs to a kid that is the coolest compliment ever!!! totally deserve it. that is so cute :) glad youre enjoying the beautiful mountains! a little jealous here