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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


so we tried to add some pics today. theres 4 for your viewing pleasure. ladies please try to contain yourselves when you witness our river romp!!

Pics are at the bottom. Next time well have them on the side for easier viewing but weve been in the library for way too long now.

lifes good
JC & T


Daniel said...

looking good dudes. thanks for the river romp pictures, which provided a quick sesh at work under my desk.

also your blog is awful, but i appreciate it. :)

T's Dad said...

Great pictures - keep 'em coming. It lets your Moms know you're alive and well (and surviving the emcounters with WILD BEASTS). Have fun, stay strong, and keep praying (and PEDDLING!).

local superhero said...

what a manly adventure to-be-had... full of bike-busts, wild beasts, hearty feasts, and raging-river-water... jealousy has consumed me

God bless bros! seeya in June, T!

-jake (to the) hollaaaa

Robert said...

its just you two goons!? soliiid! i didnt see any waterfalls you guys are dreamin. heres a taste of what youre missin back home haha

littlepink trees. flapping in the wind oh you spring time. my time our time. said...

justin justin justin. more power to you buddy. becareful out there. i can wait to see your photos. this is soooo amazing.!!! VEGAS SON VEGAS SON!!!

Anonymous said...

T and JC this is Aunt Sherry, Keep riding hard and making great memories. I think about yall everyday and praying for you to be safe. Love Ya, Aunt Sherry

Willson said...

keep on truckin to the promise land


Karen said...

Hey you two - I am excited that you are living a dream! Keep the pix and dialog coming. We miss you.
Sabrina's Aunt Karen

scoundrelfighter said...

I think you guys should try to bike an entire state nude. If a cop stops you just tell him your biking for people without clothes as a protest thinger. What great way to get on the news... naked!

More bad ideas on the way!