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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wyoming...and still going.

Its been a while, but we finally got those pictures to upload. Theres a handful of new ones at the bottom of the page for you to check out. Colorado was unbelievable....the pictures don't even begin to do them justice. We got into Wyoming last night...and apparently wyoming is very windy. A lady we met told us today about how 100 mph winds are not uncommon!! But luckily, she said most of that happens in an area that we are not traveling through, so lets keep our finders crossed. We are both doing well, gettting weird tan lines, and excited to be making so much progress. We hope to write more soon, but we've got to go for now. Ok bye.


Michael Dubovsky said...

glad to hear those tan lines are coming along nicely for ya'll..don't skimp on the water out there in the wyoming deserts unless you want your face to melt off of....your face

Anonymous said...

t i can't wait to touch u. i'm crying my eyes out right now. i'm can wait to see u. keep peddling. jc u too. Please remember every little thing to tell us. we're waiting! It must be great! i can hear it in your words. wish i was there with u, All my Love Ant Sherry

Second-hand toilet paper said...


i keep seeing your bikes in the pictures and remembering them sitting outside our house

one big ride for you, one incredible leap for the testosterhome

Natalie said...

your trip sounds incredible slash the pictures are awesome! I'm jealous and now am dedicating my life to getting in good enough shape to ride my bike as far as you!

Beasley3 said...

Keep the pic's and blogs coming, we are keeping Oliver updated on the drinking water. We miss you bunches and beanie baby also too much. Just me Donna B

littlepink trees. flapping in the wind oh you spring time. my time our time. said...



michelle said...

i cant believe you guys are going so fast! its unbelievable! yeay for our most beautiful country! youre so lucky you get to see it all! you guys are truly inspiring

Anonymous said...

keep rocking guys

bitch monkeys said...

ROFL sleeeping in that tube is ridiculous. thanks for calling me at 2am. ass

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, well i get to sit in cold a.c. and work. ha

just kidding, i'm jelous. maybe you can do this trip next time with tandams and charge people to ride along. make it a business venture - just ride back and forth across the country all the time.

j-dogg, only 24 more days til vegas. whoop, whoop!