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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kansas!!! why are you so flat

Day 18 -->Fair grove, MO to Pittsburg KA
Day 19 --> Pittsburg to Chanute
Day 20--> Chanute to Rosalia
Day 21--> Rosalia to Nickerson (104)
Day 22--> Nickerson to Larned
Day 23--> Larned to Dighton
Day 24--> Dighton to (Tribune not quite there yet)

so to take in effects of towns being FAR apart and the towns having fewer people than we had in our freshman classes, libraries are becoming even harder to find. not to mention a Holiday thrown in the mess of things.

since last time...well theres been a bunch of nothing!! plains and more plains. some cows, some oil pumps, and did i mention some plains.

At the end of day 18 we ended up staying a a city park on the degree of a small amusement park. that also meant we woke up to train whistles and 500 elementary kids screaming!!!! good goo! this was also the first time we ran into two ladies riding from Chicago to California. Karen and Emily were there names and it was the beginning of a vacation from our vacation. we ended up riding a couple days with them which made the time fly by and added to our list of riding buddies.

when we woke from the amusement park, we visited a much needed bike shop. by the end of that rondevue both our pockets were a little hurting. after a LATE start we pushed to Chanute where we help a little kid pump up his tires and caught a ride into walmart from a fellow RV'er named Doug. after grilling some brauts and hangin out we hit the sac only to rose by the thunder and lighting of one of the most CRAZIEST thunderstorms imaginable. i thought we were going to be sucked up and blown away!!

Since the day before we were in the bike shop til 3ish, we woke early and had a big day. having good weather and nice people the day ended with us actually meeting back up with the ladies in Rosalia. they let us know that a very nice lady named Jan open up the church for us all night and that she let us shower in her house. she was a school teacher for 43 years and was the nicest lady!! after showering and pampering us, she called us in the morning to let us know she was coming over to cook us breakfast at the church and everything!!!! she helped us start out the day right. we then left with the girls and crushed a huge 100 mile day. (by the way the ladies before meeting us said they were riding about 50 miles a day so this was there first century!! just a little over what they were going for)

the next day we woke up and hit the road after a huge breakfast. the day before was full of clouds but no rain but that was not the case this day. SUN all day and really hot. the stretch also didn't have a town for a 58 mile steatch so we were in for the long haul. about 25 miles in, we decided it was time for a break. our attempt at chilling next to water ended up being next to a ditch swamp thing but after baking under the sun, all 4 of us ended up in some pretty GROSS water. in the end it was totally worth it. we ended up trying to part with the ladies but when we hit the next town the weather had another plan for us. we called ahead to the next town to check the weather and the sheriff literally said "BAHAHAHAH i would come this way if i were you!!" all you have to know to see is the pictures we took of the clouds. a very nice church opened its doors to us and we ran in.

the weather passed and the next day was an all in all good day.

this mornings weather was pretty miserable. we woke up to freezing weather, hard winds and cloudy skys. good thing we had our rain gear this time. we are about to hit another time zone change and we are about 30 miles from Colorado now!!! the library closes in 5 min so were outta here!

JC and T


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Wow! Long time since we heard from you. Didn't think about the circumstances though. Keep writing, keep pedaling, keep believing. I love you! God bless you and keep you safe. Aunt Sherry

karenz said...

Wow!!! What an adventure!!! You have been blessed to have such good folks providing "treats" along the way. Like Sherry said ... "Keep writing, keep pedaling, keep believing". It's good to know you are still safe, and still enjoying your "riiiiide".
Aunt Karen :)

Annie said...

good thing you guys didn't meet up with becky to ride. a tornado went through her town. glad you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

where's toto?

Daniel said...

You may run into a friend of mine, named George. He is riding solo, and he is in WYoming about to enter COlorado. maybe youll see him. hes got huge hair.

schuyler said...

nothing better then a road side ditch after baking, in the sun. when i think of you and t hitting the beach in california, ah man, its gonna be like andy dufrain and red at the pacific ocean at the end of shawshank. harrisonburg itsn't the same without you guys but to be honest, i'm just jealous. we're the aliens man, we're the savages.