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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

T gets owned!!!!


T just got owned!!! trying to use his phone, the only service he could find was in the bathroom supposedly. well long story short, its a tiny library and we could kinda of hear the whole conversation. pretty soon the library lady goes over and knock knock knock, "pardon me but you cant use your cell phone in the library, including the bathroom." akward silence. "thank you."

just thought you guys would like to know that.

Day 16 --> centerville to Houston
Day 17 --> Houston to Fair Groves

all in all normal day yesterday. good weather, some hills, slight head winds at times. today we are repping out the miles. we even have a 5 to 7 mph tail wind in our favor. that helps a TON cause we hit some pretty plainy plains today. farm land for miles and a road every mile. literally like a grid. well we will try to post more pics since there nott o much to say!!!



T's Dad said...

That's hilarious!! Keep peddling!

Daniel said...

isnt it crazy how those roads out there are literally every mile...gets you used to knowing how far a mile is though...drnk more beer!

Anonymous said...

j-dogg, how much weight have you lost? where's that beer belly you worked so hard on all year long? lol

guys, keep it up! we like the pics!!! take more.

future dad #2 said...

T, your Mom is going to be soooo disappointed, getting busted twice already. You just need to be more quiet in the john.
The guys at work enjoy your blog also.
Keep the sun in your face and the wind at your back. Be safe.