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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 3

Quick Highlights if ya dont feel like reading...

Great Morning
first mountain climb
first crash - yep it was T if yall had any bets
first sighting of people

So if we wern't pumped enough day 3 is yet another perfect day in the 70's with minimal wind!!! i guess the world knew we were about to emark on our journey. so last night we had another church romp session in the town of Troutville. Set up a little camp, started making some dinner, feasting our bodies when...WILD BEAST ran across our path. in actuallity it was only a neighborhood dog but it was acting really weird and wimpering and scared so we just shooed it away. then about an hour later WILD BEAST #2!!! another dog though. this one we both just flexed and then it got scared and ran. After our sweet slumber we rose to yet again mount our bikes to continue the journey. it took a good 20-30 min before we really felt good but then after than it was just anohter day. really hilly at the beginning and then about 30 miles of perfect rolling hills through virginia back country. after the rolling hills though we hit our first mountain climb. Paris mountain i think is waht it was called and that took us right to Christiansburg. This is where we saw our first cross country riders. they were from germany and it was the 9TH tour in america!!! holy boot. we then reamed some Pizza Inn and sent home about 9 pounds of combined stuff we have decided we just dont need. i have a feeling with that much less weight that next mountain wont feel that bad. We're at 198 miles so far and were trying to get another 30-35 before the night falls. wish us luck and we miss everyone!! We're off until next time

The American Duo


Anonymous said...

MUCH LOVE, BROTHER! text if you can....i passed out your blog'll have a fan base, for sure! *hugs*
-sissy (i had to, lol)

Matthew said...

I need to hear more details about T's crash.

Michelle said...

9 lbs thats impressive. regretting any of that? i think youll find living without a lot of shit will be much nicer than expected. we had the most beautiful warm drizzle for the last 2 hours, hope you got to enjoy it too :)