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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The weather has been PERFECT since the last post. everyday the weather has been 75/80ish with the sun shining. when we left stevensville we met a lady on the way out of the sandwich shop where we grabbed some lunch at who just told how great Missula was. Long story short, she talked us into taking a half day off in missula and hangin out. She informed us about some live music that was happening in town that night and after romping our way through a thrift shop we met her and some friends before these shows that they had in store for us. First show they took us to was some pretty "upbeat country rock" stuff that was really good. the good news about this place was that people could dance... and i mean legit dance. moves and all. T and I tried our best but when it came down to it we kinda mingled with the people and watched the music. after our dance session there they had another place in mind and right when T and I walked in, we knew this place was a little more our style. The music right when you walked in took control of your body!!! from the depths of your soul, your body just was automatically GROOVING with the music. probably one of the FUNKIEST bands either one of us have heard in our lives. to say the least we were there until the place closed a good 3 hours later covered in sweat and about to fall asleep standing up. One of Shelly's friends allowed us to crash at her place to complete one of our craziest nights yet.

After Missula we left and climbed our way into the last time zone we will encounter!!!! not to mention that was the state line into Idaho. Idaho was perfect!!
  • free camping anywhere
  • natural hot springs(this includes a WEIRD story that will have to be told in person dealing with nudist hahahahaha)
  • camp fires every night
  • the Locksaw river
  • on top of all that T's 22 BIRTHDAY!!!!!!.

we are actually out of Idaho but that just means one thing...were in WASHINGTON! I'm not too sure if you guys know but Washington is clear across this nation of ours? i mean FAR FAR from home. less than a week away and were getting excited. the library lights just flashed so i think that is a little hint to wrap things up. we miss everyone and cant wait to actually tell all of our stories in person, this whole typing thing with numb hands doesn't work too well.

-The Good, Bad, and... (we both look good)


T's Dad said...

The champagne's on ice and the welcome home banners are being made. Now we just need a marching band to complete the homecoming! You guys have had an awesome adventure, so enjoy your last miles - and keep peddling.

(okay, so it's really sparkling cider, not champagne)

Annie said...

that is too great. so pumped for you guys.