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Friday, June 13, 2008

Winter in June???

Well since last post, which has been a little while, our bodies have not seen the light of day!!! Wyoming summed up-wind, rain, cold, ice, hail, snow, oh did we mention the wind? It literally rained on us every day in Wyoming, snowed on us twice, 2 hail storms, and I'm not too sure if it ever rose above 50. and it def got below freezing a multitude of nights. no need to worry though, between being real men, meeting really nice people, sleeping 6 cyclist in one hotel room, and finding ever natural hot springs in the whole state, we made it! oh dont forget the wyoming traffic jam we survived...see pic!!!!

enough about Wyoming, Montana has treated us a tab bit better. we met a three some from Colorado going from fort Collins that we rode with a couple days, a professor from Boston riding to Portland, and believe it or not we ran into someone from flipping JMU!!!!!!! Our buddy Dave is going from west to east and RANDOMLY bumped into him at a Patagonia outlet factory in Dillon MO. after exchanging stories of AWFUL weather we all shared a hotel room only to wake up to a severe weather warning for the day!!

quick perfect story of the hospitality of America /(could have been ax murderers but we had hope) after riding through a HAIL storm in early MO, this lady in a suv came up beside T and started drilling him with questions of just where are you going? after that? oh my goodness after that? long story short, she pulls off the road and talks to us a little and opens up her home to us. she gives us directions, a hot shower, and a warm bed. we said well of course well do that!!! we look on the maps to see where this is and it is over 150 miles away!?!? we were a little confused but after a couple days of riding we call her up and tell her we will be in town shortly and if the offer was still up we would love to stay for a warm night with yall. she said oh my goodness well i wont be there but my husband will make you dinner and just call him and let him know?! so we called a person we literally have never met, told him we will be at his house in about 2 hours and that we would love dinner. when we got there, it was the most beautiful house, he was making buffalo meatballs and spaghetti!!!! and told us that by the time we shower up, dinner will be ready. we get out of the shower and he offers us anything from his full bar in the back, and pours us some wine with dinner and then Tom, his daughter Sarah, and us chill around the dining room table stuffing our face!! we literally thought we were going to wake up from a dream. nothing could have been better. in the morning they left for work and told us that fruit coffee, and eggs were right in the kitchen and to just help ourselves!!! on top of this when we walked out side, the sun was shining and it was going to be 70!!!today. our week and a half of miserable winter weather in June was finally over and Tom, Sarah, and Darla helped us have a rejuvenation of a lifetime.

well i hope that some of these pictures you guys baking in a heat wave in the east can appreciate because we went a couple days without feeling our fingers or toes. at the first sight of a drop of sweat today, we are going to stop and celebrate and we have made a vow to never complain about being hot again!!

Lewis and Clark

ps we think in Missula MO we are going to catch the lewis and clark trail to portland since we lost massive time the last week or so. this will cut a couple hundred miles. this will allow us to keep the mind set of "vacation riding of look at that lets take a pic" instead of "we have to get miles in today!!!" to say the least, im pretty sure were making the right decision.


Nick said...

hah!! you saw dave, that is nuts.
great pictures, but come back!

T's Dad said...

Hey guys - great story about great Americans! Wish more people were like that. Awesome pictures too. I know why you guys had to stop at the Patagonia outlet - so T could get that wild footwear! Take care, and keep peddling.

Anonymous said...

Great guys! I knew there was more good people than bad in this world. Sorry about the bad weather, blue skys from now on. Happy B-Day my sweet T. Keep pedaling. All my love, Ant Sherry

Second-hand toilet paper said...

sickkkk haha that's nuts you guys ran into dave, I'll call you when I get home in a little over a day

Natalie said...

your trip is so great! I love seeing the pictures of you out west in yellowstone and at old faithful etc. because I've been to all of those places too!

Old South High said...

Best post/pictures yet!! I would KILL for 30 degree weather right now! Good work guys, I'M PUMPED!!!