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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home sweet home!!

Well after the long and grueling 51 best days of our lives, our dream of cycling this great nation of ours is complete, done, finished, over!!! Other than T's marriage to his lovely fiance Sabrina the road for us both is pretty uncertain. Our trip was everything we expected to see and more. The hospitality of the USA with the few exceptions of course was phenomenal, the scenery greatly diverse, and the people we met during the trip unforgettable. We would like to thank EVERYONE from our families, friends, and lady friends back at home who supported us through it all to the companions we made on the road. Sadly to say the easy part is now over and the hard part is about to We will be thrown into the real world sooner than we want only to think back to our manifest destiny as a memory to last a lifetime.

other than that, I'm sure you guys just want to here about the last week of our trip!!
  • we hit OREGON, the last state!!!
  • Met an English guy named GUY who ate a 1/2 gallon of ice cream before our eyes!!
  • Sneakily made it through one of the windiest places on earth , the Columbia gorge with minimal winds. thank the lord!!!
  • Rode along very old scenic highway 30 in Oregon passing over 75 waterfalls!!!!
  • My trailer getting its first flat of the WHOLE trip 10 miles from the Pacific coast?!?
  • arrived at SEASIDE our final destination
  • survived a 12 foot+ diameter tree falling in the middle of the night at our campsite
  • Surfed the Oregon coast while becoming the talk of the town somehow(probably our good looks)
  • skated Burnside skate park all day in Portland while waiting for our flight

So becoming the talk of the town at least needs a little rundown of how this all happened once we hit seaside. It all started when we were man handling our bikes down to the water to dip the tires in the water when these tourist happen to see that we obviously are accomplishing something pretty big. so they meander over and start a little small talk as we get them to take our picture for us when this lady become infatuated with our trip. well knowing that people finish all summer long in seaside, we thought this would be no big thing and went along with finding out more information about town. well about an hour later this same lady, Sheree, finds us again and tells us how her friend called one of her camera man friends Dave and that he's on his way out to shoot our story. When Dave arrives, he shoots our story and all is fine. Dave calls his friend Keith who runs the local aquarium and tells him that he just has to meet these two guys who just rode their bike from Virginia!! Keith comes over, takes us back to the aquarium gives us a sweet tour and he just happened to be good friends with the owner of a local surf shop Josh. During small talk we let Keith know we're trying to rent some gear and hit the beach, hes like "oh man let me make this phone call." Keith then calls Josh at the surf shop and is like you have to meet these guys. well you get the point...Josh gives us free gear, Keith then takes us half way to this sick surf spot, Dave calls another buddy next door from where we got dropped off at to try and find us a ride, Jeff from the copy center says he can do it, Jeff actually cant do it so he calls his buddy Tom who then pulls up and we hop in his truck. we leave our bikes at the surf shop and in about 20 min down the road Tom drops us off. Before we knew it, T and I were SURFING FOR FREE!!!

the next morning, after we survive the tree falling, ( Dave and Keith come out to the spot and check on us to make sure everything is fine. Keith actually brings along Pam a reporter from the local paper who then interviews us for a little while. This whole time Dave is getting double footage from the tree and us. we end up surfing. Well Pam being a really really nice lady wants to take us out for dinner and treat us to a real meal after our accomplishment. after she saved us from being marooned out at this surf spot all day, she then gives us a VERY educated tour of the whole city and tops it off by taking us to the best fish and chips in town. in addition to all this, Dave the cameraman let us stay in his guest house/ cottage thing!!!

talk about a perfect ending to a perfect trip. (Pam writes an awesome story about us that takes up about half of the front page of the newspaper the next day)

We, T and JC, formally close this blog forever and always to be used as aids for us killing time at work and remembering what riding 8 to 10 hours a day feels like and the memories that goes along with riding our bikes CROSS COUNTRY!!

-Thomas William Fortune

-Justin Craig Cantrell


T's Dad said...

What an awesome adventure, and one you'll remember for the rest of your lives! 'Til next time.....

Keep Peddling!

littlepink trees. flapping in the wind oh you spring time. my time our time. said...


Peter said...

Congrats on a great trip. I met you guys at a rest stop in Kansas. I was crossing the other way with my father. I put you guys in my blog.
Hope all is well. Any other bike trips planned?